EYEDRESS releases mix tape “Hearing Colors”

Filipino wunderkind EYEDRESS releases new mix tape "Hearing Colors," featuring twelve new tracks listen and download now at his website

Today, Eyedress releases his brand new mixtape Hearing Colors. This release,  features 12 brand new tracks recorded in his bedroom in Manila. It’s the follow up to his debut EP Supernatural (released last year on Abeano) and is available to listen to and download from eyedress.hearing-colors.com

Based in Quezon City, Manila, Eyedress is the moniker for 23 year old Filipino producer, Idris Vicuña. This album was recorded using Fruity Loops in Eyedress’ bedroom on a PC laptop handed down to him by his father. Since his emergence he has supported the likes of Jungle, Grimes and Mac DeMarco.



APRIL 10th 2014


1. Salaamin (Ft. Skint Eastwood)

2. Nature Trips

3. My Hologram

4. Biolumine (Ft. Skint Eastwood)

5. Arhuaco (Ft. Skint Eastwood)

6. Triduum (Ft. Skint Eastwood)

7. Luna Llena (Ft. Skint Eastwood)

8. White Lies

9. Periastron (Ft. Skint Eastwood)

10. Mountbatten

11. Everything We Touch Turns Into Gold

12. Don’t Disappear


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