“EXORCISEUR” by La Femme

Still in the Halloween spirit, French surf-noir band LA FEMME have released a new music video for “EXORCISEUR”. The track is off their 2016 LP Mystere. The band gives us a glimpse inside their days on the road. Complete with costumes, razor blades, and trippy filters, the video is the perfect match for the funky bassline and haunting synths.

La Femme released their album Mystère, last September. Hailing from Le Pré Saint Gervais and Ivry-sur-Seine’s winding streets, the group’s sound reflects Paris’s cultural landscape, with the two sides of the city – the glamour and the grit – engrained in their music. Mystère reached the second place in the French digital charts, 8th place in the overall French charts, and was nominated for Best Rock Album at the French Music Awards 2017.

Returning to a more psychedelic sound and a range of guest vocalists that slice through the starkest of electro beats, Mystère sees La Femme celebrating all that’s wonderful about their city. From the chattering tête-à-tête heard on “Conversations Nocturnes” that leads into the throbbing disco beat of “SSD” – a direct reference to the pulsing nightlife hotspot and multi-cultural district Strasbourg Saint-Denis where the band continues to work and play equally hard.

After supporting Red Hot Chilli Peppers for 12 shows of their Arena Europan tour in October 2016, La Femme continued to spread their French words with energy, style, and passion throughout their Fall North American Tour.

“Slow down, take it easy, put Mystère on the record player and allow yourself to be taken far away…” they say. Liberté, égalité, fraternité. Everyone can be a part of La Femme’s world – and it has never felt more alive.