Ex-Cult Premiere Single ‘Shattered Circle’

x-Cult Premiere 'Shattered Circle'. Announce SXSW Shows and Spring Tour. Their upcoming album "Midnight Passenger"comes Out April 29th On Goner Records.

Ex-Cult’s Midnight Passenger is the result of a never ending obsession with the open road. It’s the sound of five people spending the last year in countless dive bars, disgusting motel rooms and on dozens of dirty floors.  Since recording with Ty Segall in 2012 the band hasn’t come up for air, putting four US tours and tons of weekend trips under their belt with the likes of OBN III’s, Captive and Ty Segall.

It was in these dive bars across the USA that Ex-Cult truly found their sound. While some of the songs were played for audiences as early as January of 2013, it wasn’t until a West Coast tour in June that the blue print for MidnightPassenger really started to take form. Taking pieces of every tour back home with them, the band began to hone a sound that captured the desperation of the first record, while being careful to integrate new techniques of negative noise.

Recorded by Doug Easley in January of 2014, MidnightPassenger is comprised of ten songs that were meant to be heard together, each one following a different, damaged storyline. The buzz-saw guitars, kraut rock rhythm section and sneering vocals are all still present, but with Midnight Passenger, Ex-Cult has added a few layers of psychedelic slime to their sound.

Midnight Passenger is out on Goner Records on April 29th 2014.

“Midnight Passenger” Track Listing:

Side A
Shattered Circle
Ties You Up
Midnight Passenger
Confusion Hill
Catholic Entries

Side B
Flickering Eyes
Venice Illusion
Sid Visions
Not A Threat
Lights Out Club

SXSW Shows

Fri Mar 14, 1pm @ Third Man Rolling Record Store outside the Museum of Human Achievement
Fri Mar 14, 12.20am @ Hotel Vegas (Panache SXSW Showcase)
Sat Mar 15, 3pm @ Spider House ( Spider House Rager)


Apr 3 – Fresh Start Festival – Louisville, KY
Apr 4 – Phuzz Fest – Winston-Salem, NC
Apr 5 – MACRoCK Festival, Harrisonburg, VA
Apr 6 – Pilot Light – Knoxville, TN
May 17 – 529 – Atlanta, GA
May 22 –  Mercury Lounge, New York, NY
May 29 – Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL


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