Ex-Cult Premiere ‘Cigarette Machine’

Ex-Cult Premiere 'Cigarette Machine', Announce "Cigarette Machine" EP Out February 9th

On the tail of their 2nd LP “Midnight Passenger” on Goner Records, come a batch of bruisers from Ex-Cult, the Memphis-based punk cyclone that no doubt has laid waste to a town near you recently. Chris Shaw lends a sneering, spitting toughness to the proceedings while the band flays riffs in loose, hairy mosh inducing menace behind him, touching on post-punk, psych sprawl, and early 80s hardcore while remaining beholden to none. They have the power to convert even the most jaded and bored concertgoer into a sweaty mess in the pit, I’ve seen it first hand… punks, scene rats, skaters, skinheads, hardcore kids, druggies – so many disparate groups dig this band it’s like an MRR cartoon waiting to happen.

It’s out on Castle Face Records on vinyl and CD and Lolipop Records on cassette February 9th.

Track Listing: 

1. Clinical Study
2. Cigarette Machine
3. Rats in the Gas Tank
4. Meda House Company
5. Dripping Mouth
6. Your Mask

Tour Dates

Nov 12 – Orlando, FL – Will’s Pub
Nov 14 – St. Augustine, Fl – Nobby’s
Nov 15 – Atlanta, GA – 529
Nov 22 – Dallas, TX – Club Dada
Dec 5 – Memphic, TN – Murphys


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