Everything is New Project Shares Rustie Video

Everything is New Project Shares Rustie Video/Stream & Marram's "With Us Instead". Everything Is New Project in aid of Children in Southeast India.

A joyous and invigorating international outreach project in aid of “untouchable” children in southeast India, Everything is New consists of two separate music releases – Marram’s Sun Choir featuring Jarvis Cocker, Owen Pallett, doseone, White Hinterland and Margaret Bennett, and BOATS by various artists including Four Tet, Dan Deacon, Bear in Heaven, Califone, Deerhoof, El Guincho, Gang Gang Dance, Lucky Dragons, Julian Lynch, Max Tundra, No Age, The Ruby Suns, Rustie, Son Lux, Sun Airway, A Sunny Day in Glasgow, Taken By Trees, Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu), YACHT, and many more. Both releases feature the voices of the Light of Love Children’s Choir. They will be out January 20, 2014 on Transgressive North.

Proceeds from the project go to the charity Scottish Love in Action which feeds, clothes, houses, educates and provides medical care for over 500 children by funding the Light of Love Home and School in southeast India. The Light of Love Children’s Choir is made up of the voices of the children from the Light of Love Home and School.

After sharing Four Tet’s contribution to BOATS, Transgressive North now presents a further glimpse into these two music releases via the video for Rustie’s “Boatsss” and stream of Marram’s “With Us Instead” feat. Owen Pallett, off of the Sun Choir album.

Sun Choir by Edinburgh-based band Marram is an exuberant celebration of global community and cross-cultural friendship featuring Jarvis Cocker, Owen Pallett, doseone, Irvine Welsh, Margaret Bennett and White Hinterland singing alongside the Light of Love Children’s Choir. Recorded over 6 years in 3 different continents, each track displays a towering symphonic ambition, featuring the voices of the Light of Love Children’s Choir among 200 instruments, including full orchestras and 1000-voice choirs.

BOATS is a 29-track double album featuring exclusive tracks from Four Tet, Gang Gang Dance, No Age, Dan Deacon, Bear in Heaven, Rustie, Son Lux, YACHT, Califone, Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu), Sun Airway, Taken by Trees, Capybara, Deerhoof, doseone, El Guincho, Keepaway, Lucky Dragons, Julian Lynch, Matthewdavid, Max Tundra, Physical Forms, Ramona Falls, The Ruby Suns, rRoxymore, Slanter, A Sunny Day in Glasgow, and White Hinterland. Each individual act used samples of the Light of Love Children’s Choir, recorded for Marram’s Sun Choir, to create a new song. As a result, BOATS is a diverse and kaleidoscopic concept-album with the children’s voices at its core.

The Everything is New Project grew from a dialogue between the artists of the Scottish-based arts collective Transgressive North (TN), and the charity, Scottish Love in Action (SLA). In 2006, Transgressive North member Jenny Chambers had visited the SLA-funded Light of Love Children’s Home in Tuni (Andhra Pradesh, southeast India) and found it an intensely positive institution deserving serious engagement and investment. Jenny convinced artists in the Transgressive North to enter a dialogue with SLA and, collectively, the TN found they were deeply compelled by the plight of Dalit “untouchable” children. The notion of “untouchability” – that some children might be told they were less valuable than others – inspired the TN to develop the Everything is New Project as a vehicle to empower and support the children of the Light of Love Children’s Home. The founding idea was to use the cultural forms which the children themselves found the most meaningful – popular music and cinema – to build funds and awareness in a project in which the children would participate. The project would attempt to counter any inherited preconceptions the children might have about their own value and legitimacy by giving them the opportunity to “star” in music and film works specifically designed to celebrate and empower their identities and means of expression.

The Everything is New project embodies the sum of 7 years of work, over several continents, with over 1,000 contributors, all working for free.



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