“Everybody’s Gonna Be There” Bass Drum Of Death

Bass Drum Of Death have shared a video for their latest single “Everybody’s Gonna Be There”; a collage of footage from the band’s recent tour of the UK, Ireland and Europe, and a beautiful tribute to the beloved tour manager, Dr. Kiko, who passed away in November. The anthem is pulled from their upcoming new album, Say I Won’t, coming March 24, 2023 via Sonic Unyon Records, licensed from Fat Possum Records. Watch and share the live video via YouTube.

Everybody’s Gonna Be There is kind of an ode to my seven years spent living and partying in NYC,” says John Barrett. “My first demo of this song was just solo guitar and vox, à la Billy Bragg “A New England”, so I was pleased that the song was able to work a few different ways.”

Say I Won’t is the first Bass Drum of Death album written, demoed, and recorded with the touring band, instead of bandleader John Barrett doing everything on his own. He found a freedom in working with collaborators that wasn’t available to him before, opening different aspects of the songwriting. It was a process of live recording, layering on different parts and overdubs, and then stripping it all back to the bones of the song, keeping the raw wild heart of the music intact.

“My first two records were made entirely by me alone with my gear, my laptop, and a Snowball USB mic,” says Barrett. “They were just made quickly, cheaply, as an excuse to tour. I wanted to take my time with this record. Make something good that I was proud of in itself.”

The band recorded the new record with Patrick Carney of The Black Keys at Audio Eagle Studios in Nashville and the result is a groove-oriented, 1970’s-indebted collection of rock songs, with tempos set for cruising and scuzzy guitars galore. There’s an energy and vitality to the music that feels in line with the best of the Bass Drum songs, but with an added boost that comes from new bandmates and a new perspective.

Bass Drum Of Death
Say I Won’t
track list
Fat Possum Records/Sonuc Unyon

01. Find It
02. Head Change
03. No Soul
04. Say Your Prayers
05. Keys To The City
06. Wait
07. Swerving
08. White Vine
09. No Doubt
10. Everybody’s Gonna Be There
11. Say I Won’t
12. Too Cold To Hold

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