Ethel Cain Announces Preacher’s Daughter LP

Ethel Cain has announced her debut album Preacher's Daughter, will drop on May 12, 2022
Ethel Cain photo by Silken Weinberg

Ethel Cain has announced her debut album Preacher’s Daughter, will drop on May 12th, 2022, ahead of the release, Cain has shared the album track/single, “Gibson Girl.” Cain collaborated on Preacher’s Daughter with a number of talented multi-instrumentalists including Matt Tomasi & Colyer, with Ethel serving as producer and writer across every facet of the creation process for each record.

Recently, Spotify selected Ethel Cain as their EQUAL Ambassador for March 2022, a distinction shared with Billie Eilish, Mickey Guyton, and STAYC. The album follows her 2021 EP Inbred EP, which garnered Year-End accolades, establishing her as a figure with her own feverish vision and audience with God. With Preacher’s Daughter, she gifts to the world a new testament, one with members of a deeply flawed family plagued by human nature, and the Southern soil on which it all plays out.

Raised a backwoods churchgoer in the deep south. After single handedly writing, producing and mixing her EP Inbred from the basement of a church in Indiana. Cain is proud to represent her community in celebration of International Women’s Day this year alongside Spotify in connection with their Created By Women program.

Ethel Cain
Preacher’s Daughter (Daughters of Cain)
Track list

1. Family Tree (Intro)
2. American Teenager
3. A House in Nebraska
4. Western Nights
5. Family Tree
6. Hard Times
7. Thoroughfare
8. Gibson Girl
9. Ptolemaea
10. August Underground
11. Televangelism
12. Sun Bleached Flies
13. Strangers

Ethel Cain 2022 Tour Dates (Record release shows)

5/18 – Los Angeles, Masonic Lodge
5/25 – New York, Market Hotel


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