Eternal Death reveal self-titled debut LP


Swedish duo Eternal Death have announced their self-titled, debut, full-length album will arrive February 24 on Labrador Records, and premiered their new single, “Cry”, before its official release tomorrow. Eternal Death are Elin Berlin and Johan Angergård, who emerged last fall with the video “Eternal Death”, 4-minutes of total silence and darkness, which created equal amounts of fascination and confusion. “Cry” is the fourth single from the band in 2014, their most overtly pop song to date.

Elin Berlin said of the track, “Cry” is born out of late nights and raised by obscure dance floors, built on an endless pounding that takes over your body and changes the beat of your heart, when all you’ve got is that tireless desire to drown your thoughts in heavy bass and forget. When performing this live, this is a song that makes me feel equally weak and powerful. I think it’s like that with resignation. To allow yourself to feel sad and show weakness is one of the most empowering things to do.”

Eternal Death emerged out of the darkness in January of this year with “Head”, with a sound that combines elements of Human League and Burial.

Eternal Death’s four singles appear on Eternal Death, along with eight additional, sorrowful songs, that can leave you laying in bed with the curtains drawn, or ready to head out on the town, seizing whatever life has to offer, while you still can.

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