Esther Rose “Keeps Me Running”

Esther Rose has released a video for her current single “Keeps Me Running.” Rose works through the complicated feelings of loneliness and heartbreak with lyrics that point to the rituals of starting a fire or lighting a candle and how those practices can help give her a spiritual path forward. With a striking melody that flips and dances around a fast moving guitar strum, Rose etches out a cool indie-pop sensibility while still maintaining a link to her alt-country roots.

Esther Rose on “Keeps Me Running:”

“Sagittarius season seems like the right time to release my love song for fire. Keeps Me Running is my most recklessly optimistic loner anthem to-date. It’s about not being ready for a new relationship, chasing that wild lonely feeling, and being energized by it.”

From opening for Nick Lowe on tour to being asked to sing on Jack White’s new album, Rose’s journey through the past few years has been one of saying yes to new opportunities, all while nurturing and playing in bands in the New Orleans country music scene. She’s turning towards her troubles and facing them head-on, ready to feel whatever’s necessary in order to keep growing upwards and outwards.

“Keeps Me Running” is out now on Father/Daughter Records (US) and Full Time Hobby (UK).


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