“End of the Day” by Erika Sirola

“End of the Day” by Erika Sirola is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The Finnish artist track is now available via Elektra Records
“End of the Day” by Erika Sirola is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

Singer/songwriter Erika Sirola has been making music since the age of 8, the Helsinki native landed her first record deal at age 12 and spent much of her late adolescence and early adulthood living in such far-flung cities as L.A., Berlin and Stockholm, gradually shaping a singular musical identity informed by everything from art-pop to jazz to the more esoteric edges of folk.

Recently Erika, shared her debut single “End of the Day” and announced her signing to Elektra Records. Written at a time when Erika struggled to put down roots and hold onto relationships, “End Of The Day” opens in stark simplicity and builds to a whirlwind of fast and frantic beats.

For Erika Sirola, the act of creating is an impulse as natural as breathing. Growing up in Helsinki (and spending most summers with her mother’s family in Canada), Sirola first discovered the power of alchemizing pain into art as a young child. Within several years of writing her first song, she completed a one-day internship at a local recording studio, during which she laid down a demo of an original track. “I went in thinking they’d have me cleaning the place, and two weeks later I’d gotten signed to their label,” she says. By age 17, Sirola had begun traveling all over the U.S., U.K., and Europe to work with myriad producers and co-writers, immersing herself in a nomadic lifestyle that deeply influenced her songwriting.