Emma Louise

Emma Louise is one of those people who were born to play music. She was the one who avoided maths and science classes to teach herself guitar and write songs in the high school music room. It paid off. At age 16, Emma’s stellar songwriting had been recognized with two Q Song Awards.

Post high school, a string of well-known supports including Sarah Blasko, Bob Evans and Tim Rogers and residencies around her hometown of Cairns followed leading emma to make the decision to move to Brisbane to take her music to the next level. She moved with an unreleased album up her sleeve, but as she immersed herself into the Brisbane music scene and started spending more time with songwriters and musicians, emma was inspired to go further.

Her debut EP Full Hearts & Empty Rooms was recorded in Cairns with friend and producer Mark Myers (The Middle East). Released earlier this year, it spawned her debut single and national radio smash ‘Jungle’ that instantly launched her into the eyes and ears of the world.After entering the AIR Independent Distro charts at number one, 26 weeks later her EP remains at the top spot. ‘Jungle’ has also appeared in the iTunes charts in ten countries leading to a major record deal in Continental Europe with B1M1/Universal Germany and worldwide attention. Syncs on international television drama Grey’s Anatomy as well as on US MTV show Awkward and ABC’s The Slap, are ensuring that emma louise is being heard
far and wide.

3/9 – Guitar Center – Hollywood LA (live set and interview with Nic Harcourt@ 4:30pm)
3/9 – Hotel Café – Los Angeles, CA @8:00pm
3/10 – KCSN- live set and interview with Nic Harcourt
3/11 – The Echo- Aussie BBQ
3/14 – SXSW- Austin, TX (Frenchkiss showcase @The Stage On 6th – 9:30pm)
3/15 – SXSW – Austin, TX (B.D. Rileys Pub @204 East 6th Street- 5pm)
3/16 – SXSW – Austin, TX (Aussie Tastes and Tunes @Whole Foods Market- 1:30pm)
3/17- SXSW- Austin, TX (Aussie BBQ @Maggie Maes Rooftop- 9pm)



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