EMA shares her new track 3Jane

EMA on how the internet makes us vulnerable with new track 3Jane. The new EMA album ‘The Future’s Void’ comes out on April 7th through City Slang

“Did you know Facebook just bought the company that makes the Oculus Rift? The VR headset I am wearing on the cover of  The Future’s Void? People ask me about themes of paranoia on the record but obviously I am not the only one with dystopian dreams of our plugged-in future.” writes EMA, introducing the latest song from her new album on her blog today.

3Jane, by Erika M Anderson’s own admission, is the lyrical centre-piece of the new EMA album ‘The Future’s Void’ which comes out on April 7th through City Slang.

“No one was really ever that mean to me on the internet. I never had that “thing” that happens when you wake up one morning and somehow your life is ruined because a mortifying picture goes viral or a “funny” tweet becomes horribly misread.  Sure, there were bitchy things in the comments of videos, but organized trolls never unleashed a wave of death threats on me, and only a few people suggested that I kill myself.

So the internet never actually did that to me. But it did that to somebody. And now we all have this stupid crippling fear that someday it will happen to us.  And the likelihood increases as you move from relative obscurity to becoming more broadly visible on the internet.  There are more cameras on you, more chances to be quoted saying something stupid, and more people out there who relish seeing successful people disgraced and dethroned.

Do you have that fear yet?  Do you want it?”

Read the full blog post accompanying 3Jane here: http://www.thefuturesvoid.net/3jane/

Erika M. Anderson first graced the limelight under the guise of EMA in May 2011, when the brilliantly scuffed debut album ‘Past Life Martyred Saints’ was released to a multitude of acclaim.  After having spent time in the California underground fronting the genre-defying cult duo Gownswith Ezra Buchla, ‘Past Life Martyred Saints’ offered a deeper glimpse into the world of EMA. An absorbing and ambitious masterpiece that revealed a unique and feed-backed noisy guitar style, a skill for visceral songwriting and a DIY recording ethos, it showcased a distinctive sonic signature that sounded like nothing else around.

If Past Life Martyred Saints was an inward exploration of human relationships and their toll, The Future’s Void catapults them out into space, both thematically and musically. The album meditates on universal themes of how we interact with the wider world and how that interaction is increasingly modified by technology. Through collaboration with Leif Shackelford on production duties, the sound of this record reflects these themes and instead of using electronics to create a polished, airless environment, Anderson’s techno-future thrashes strongly between harsh tones and paranoia, to beautiful colour bursts and mellow guitar strums.

EMA Tour dates

17.05                  Aarhus, Denmark – Pop Revo Festival
18.05                  Oslo, Norway – John Dee
19.05                  Malmo, Sweden – Babel
21.05                  Hamburg, Germany – Uebel & Gefährlich
22.05                  Koln, Germany – Blue Shell
23.05                  Berlin, Germany – Prince Charles
25.05                  Padova, Italy – Macello
26.05                  Rome, Italy – Circolo degli Artisti
27.05                  Marina di Ravenna, Italy – Hana Bi
28.05                  Zurich, Switzerland – Bogen
30.05                  Amsterdam, Netherlands – Paradiso
31.05                  Mannheim, Germany – Maifeld Derby Festival
01.06                  Gent, Belgium – DOK-Box
02.06                  Paris, France – Le Point Ephemere
03.06                  London, UK – The Garage
04.06                  Manchester, UK – Ruby Lounge
05.06                  Leeds, UK – Brudnell Social Club
06.06                  Bristol, UK – The Lantern



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