EJ Worland Drops “Over The Pond” Video

Australian R&B artist EJ Worland, has dropped his first First single/video, entitled "Over the Pond." The track comes out out on Oct 9th
EJ Worland "Over The Pond"

Australian R&B artist EJ Worland, has dropped his first First single/video, entitled “Over the Pond.” The track comes out out on Oct 9th. This song will comfort a lot of folks, harkening for the days of Sam Cooke, Donny Hathaway, Bill Withers, to help ease you into those winter months.

EJ Worland on “Over The Pond:”

On the song:

“Over The Pond” was written in my good mate’s studio in Los Angeles on a songwriting trip I did back in 2018 when I was still living in Sydney, Australia but yearning to live overseas to try something new. I wanted to write a song that I could keep referring back to, to keep moving forward and keep going. For close to ten years, I had dreamt and made multiple efforts to relocate to the US to give it a good solid crack. It came to a point where I had to pull the trigger and make this dream become a reality. It was time for me to let go of what was holding me back and for me to take charge of my life, no more pointing fingers and blaming others. It was up to me to make something happen. So in 2019 I packed up shop back in Australia and made the move to the US.

I find lyric writing to be the hardest but the most important part of the songwriting process. I spent a lot of time working on these lyrics to make sure they hit home, making sure everything was real, authentic and that there is a belief in what was written. Like the majority of the world, Covid has had a huge impact on my career. I haven’t been able to book shows and no one knows when the next gig will be and when we all can enjoy live music again. I’ve found comfort and support in listening back to “Over The Pond”. For me, the song speaks to the anxiety of today. It has helped me solidify that I need to stick to what my purpose is, and that’s to take charge of what I’m doing and keep the wheels moving. If the wheels stop, they will rust.

On the music video:

“Over The Pond” is a song I wrote about making a big change in my life, overcoming my own personal history and obstacles to really make a big move to a big country. Only for that move to be completely upended by a new global reality with Covid-19. The song has taken on a new meaning for me and came to life with this video. Having to accept all the twists and turns that have come at me, staying on course, and staying true to what I believe is my purpose in life. I’m really happy with how this was executed in this video. I got to LA, this big city that always held such great promise to me, now it’s basically deserted and a lot of people have left due to no shows and/work. So we just wanted to make this video while this city is in this really unprecedented place. To document this time in history. The video was shot and co/directed by DP Manuel Branaa around the now empty streets of LA. Also, co/directed by Tim Nathan In Australia and edited by Julian Tuna in Australia.