Eaters hit the road with Shabazz Palaces

Eaters have share their self-titled LP, and is now available for streaming. You can catch Eaters on the road with Shabazz Palaces

Eaters is the project of multi-instrumentalist and composer Bob Jones and recording engineer and sound designer Jonathan Schenke. Eaters is a musical expiriment. Sprawling synth swells are punctured by driving motorik grooves and screaming leads, relentless rhythmic sequences melt into viola drones and otherworldly oohs and ahhs. Fractured pop is enveloped by washes of white noise and spat back out again, as lyrics about love and life are processed to the edges of humanity.

Casual and deliberately humorous, the push and pull of Eaters’ dynamic spread is surprisingly satiating. You can catch Eaters on tour now with Shabazz Palaces.


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