East India Youth Remixes Genuflex

East India Youth remixes Genuflex's "The Last Gods," out now via Federal Prism

London-based crooner Genuflex released “The Last Gods” single earlier this year. This week the song gets remixed by London electronic producer East India Youth.

With comparisons ranging from Roy Orbison and Liz Frazer, to Bobby Hatfield and Dead Can Dance, Genuflex, taken from the word Genuflection, meaning to drop to one knee in prayer, is the project moniker of Finn Vine (former White Rose Movement and Arturo). A soul crooner, who eloquently navigates the fundamental themes of loss, obsession and post-religion piety, through the dramatic anguish of the neo-torch song, to a truly heavenly epiphany.

His first release since the existentialist, 4am heartbreak, ‘Bludevotion E.P (Domino)’, is a single called ‘The Last Gods’. Co- produced by David Sitek (T.V On The Radio), the founder of Federal Prism, to which Finn has signed to. Re-workings follow from Mark Stewart (The Pop Group), Eaux and East India youth.

With an album in the works, Finn writes, plays, and records everything himself in London.

The Last Gods (single)
[Federal Prism]

1. The Last Gods
2. Black Sail
3. The Last Gods (Mark Stewart and Rambone remix)
4. The Last Gods (Eaux remix)

5. The Last Gods (East India Youth remix)


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