“Duckling Fantasy” Stove

Stove, recently released their sophomore full-length, ‘s Favorite Friend, on Exploding In Sound Records, garnering acclaim from critics and fans alike. Recently stove released a new video for along with an in-depth essay from drummer/vocalist, Jordyn Blakely about joining the band. Stove began as a solo outlet for Ovlov guitarist/vocalist, Steve Hartlett, but the band blossomed into a full-fledged powerhouse with the additions of Blakely, bassist Alex Molini, and guitarist Mike Hammond.

‘s Favorite Friend
track list:

1. Safe Guy
2. Nightwalk
3. Stiff Bones
4. Favorite Friend
5. Duckling Fantasy
6. Difficult Dooley
7. Mosquiter
8. Liverwurst
9. Annoying Guy
10. They Are Dogs
12. Animortal

‘s Favorite Friend has arrived hot on the heels of Ovlov’s second LP, much of the album’s sound hinges on his uncommon chemistry with his bandmates. Blakely particularly shines with her powerful drumming and vocal harmonies perfectly complimenting Hartlett’s dynamic arrangements. ‘s Favorite Friend was written and recorded during a tumultuous time with Hartlett and Blakely having both recently lost loved ones, and the album’s lyrics often grapples with grief and the sometimes harsh realities of time passing. Despite this, ‘s Favorite Friend is not a bleak album–its creation became a refuge for the members of Stove to unpack life’s painful moments and find comfort in the bond between friends making art together.