Dublin band ‘Tandem Felix’ share new track

Dublin band 'Tandem Felix' share their new track "Nothing I Ever Do, Will Be Good Enough,"

Dublin band Tandem Felix are about to release their new EP ‘Comma’ via Trout Records. Tandem Felix inhabit a space and sound as much West-Coast USA as Leinster. The band, having played together for a couple of years and have released limited edition vinyls, along with playing dates in New York City. The new EP is a change of direction fot rthe band, partly due to a line-up change. There is a sensitivity to proceedings, a tenderness to the production that evokes the likes of Sparklehorse and Wilco.

Opening track ‘Nothing I Do Will Ever Be Good Enough’ beings with the warbling sounds of Harrison-esque Leslie speaker guitar only to be interrupted and taken to a different sonic platform by the sound of the pedal steel, played by veteran steel-guitarist Bobby Lee.

This pairing of country music and psych-rock battles throughout the EP; from the spacey Farfisa-organ driven ‘Union St. Blues’ to the banjo-acoustic guitar combination on ‘Waiting In The Wings’ and the Neil Young ‘Harvest’ throwback of “Moon Tingles’. The EP closes with its quietest track, ‘Mandarin’; a funeral dirge where piano, pedal steel and vocal lead the procession to a nauseating climax as the tape seems to speed up, like a warped record.

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