DSARDY releases first single off new album

DSARDY releases first single "Step Ahead"

DSARDY doesn’t believe in stepping-stones or pathways or traditional routes to success. He’d rather bend the world to his will. The accomplished producer has worked on seminal albums for iconic acts including Johnny Cash, Oasis, LCD Soundsystem, Band of Horses and Spoon, this is Dave Sardy’s most forthright move yet. He calls it a call-to-arms manifesto. The musician’s weapon of choice? A subversive, multi-disciplinary collaborative art project that aims to bring truth to power. A meditation on the “giant black tsunami” of cultural chaos and information overload he sensed bubbling up the last few years that’s now upon us. A response to what he calls the “dada of word salad propaganda” .

Its cutting centerpiece is a collection of brash electro-rock-indebted songs featuring arresting vocal contributions from some of music’s most notable voices (Ben Birdwell, Glass Animals, Macy Grey, Jim James and more) the first TRACK “Step Ahead” features Philly soul singer Son Little, is available today on DSPs.


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