DRENGE announce Self Titled debut LP Out 8/19

DRENGE to release their first album "Drenge" August 19 Via Mad Mark

The visceral, opening one-two punch of “Bloodsports” and “Backwaters” announced Drenge as one of the best and most exciting new bands on the UK music scene right now. Even though only comprising of sibling duo Rory and Eoin Loveless, they play with enough raw enthusiasm and velocity, enough no holds barred energy and contagiousness that their music never becomes anything less than wholly and compulsively thrilling.

If the pair of singles were the battlecry, this, their debut full length LP, is their mission statement, an A-Z of the most exhilarating chapters of punk rock whittled down to its leanest, meanest, no-frills essence;12 razor sharp tracks that jolt you to life even as they seize the brain with their terminally catchy melodies and jagged hooks. Songs like “Face Like a Skull” and “Nothing” speed by recklessly in a dizzying blur of white heat and seething riffs, while others, like raucous fan favourites “People in Love Make Me Feel Yuck” and “Dogmeat” come across as relentless shots of adrenalin straight to the cerebral cortex, so anthemic, rapturous and stuffed full of ringing guitar chords and deadpan lyricism are they. Then, on the other hand, we have the album closer “Fuckabout” which, despite what the title might have you believe, actually showcases Drenge’s lesser seen tender side, as Eoin bemoans his chequered romantic history. It’s a (slightly) quieter moment in the album to be sure, but one that nevertheless goes straight for your gut.

Even though the duo are barely in their 20s, they have accumulated enough confidence, vim and vigour in their music to sweep any discerning listener off their feet. Hold on to your hats: you’ll be swept up too.



1.     People in Love Make Me Feel Yuck

2.     Dogmeat

3.     I Wanna Break You in Half

4.     Bloodsports

5.     Backwaters

6.     Gun Crazy

7.     Face Like a Skull

8.     I Don’t Want to Make Love to You

9.     Nothing

10.  Bye Bye Bao Bao

11.  Let’s Pretend

12.  Fuckabout


Monday 26th August 2013                  Edinburgh Fringe at Electric Circus, Edinburgh

Tuesday 27th August 2013                 PJ Molloys, Dunfermline

Thursday 12th September 2013          Moles, Bath (free entry)

Friday 13th September 2013               Forum, Tunbridge Wells

Saturday 14th September 2013          Southsea Fest, Southsea

Monday 16th September 2013            Boileroom, Guildford

Tuesday 17th September 2013           South Street Arts Centre, Reading

Wednesday 18th September 2013      The New Inn, Tywardreath (free entry)

Thursday 19th September 2013          Studio Bar, Penzance (free entry)

Friday 20th September 2013               Bunters, Truro (free entry)

Saturday 21st September 2013           The Crauford Arms, Milton Keynes

Monday 23rd September 2013            Paradiso, Amsterdam

Tuesday 24th September 2013           Botanique/Rotonde, Brussels

Wednesday 25th September 2013      Comet Club, Berlin

Thursday 26th September 2013          Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg


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