“Dream Reader” by Frankie

“Dream Reader” the new video by Vancouver band Frankie, is described a fairytale. Set in the subconscious mind of a girl lost in her pursuit for revenge, the video represents the will to detach from oneself – thought you cannot escape the person you will ultimately become.

Band member Nashlyn Lloyd on the video:

“Dream Reader” was written around a series of dreams I’d had while the band was feeling directionless. I was struggling to maintain my belief in the importance of creating music and our ambitions as a group. These dreams of drowning, stranded horses, and flying janky planes kept coming. I looked a few up in a dream dictionary and found that many of them were about new beginnings, emotional rebirth. After writing this song and finishing it off with the band, I began to feel inspired again. Whenever we create new music together, it seems to light me up.

The video is a loop, and absurd like a dream. She finds herself as both the one on a wild ride, and the one on an obvious mission. I think this loop of confusion and clarity is one that I cycle through often, and sometimes we do together as a band.

From the band:

We would really like to highlight everyone’s involvement as they volunteered their time in the video –

Director, Editor, Concept: Jeremey Wallace-MacLean
Director of Photography: Joosep Jürisson
Zebra: Britt Irvin
Gorilla: Chris Boni


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