Doss’ Self-Titled Debut EP Now Streaming

Doss' Self-Titled Debut EP Now Streaming, Doss and Acéphale are developing an online experience with Los Angeles studio Oval-X (How To Dress Well, CFCF)

Doss’ self-titled debut EP is out this week on Acéphale. After recently releasing the Yours Truly approved first single, “The Way I Feel”, emerging producer Doss revealed the second track, “Here Tonight”, last week.

On April 29th, producer and singer Doss will released her debut on Acéphale, a self-titled, four track EP that introduced listeners to a world of curved, shining surfaces and strobing colors. Doss takes inspiration from the various forms of dance music that emerged in the early 90s while sidestepping any notion of revivalism.  She projects “Electronica,” and the cultural baggage that comes with it, into the contemporary landscape, moulding and adapting it to sound simultaneously nostalgic and futuristic.

As a companion piece to the EP, Doss and Acéphale have been developing an immersive online experience with Los Angeles design studio Oval-X (How To Dress Well, CFCF). Visitors can currently register for the site by entering their email in exchange for a download of the first song from the EP, “The Way I Feel.”  In the coming weeks and months, users will gain further access to the site as more and more of Doss’ world unfolds.


Doss Tracklisting /

01. The Way I Feel
02. Softpretty
03. Here Tonight
04. Extended Mix


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