“Don’t Take Me Back” by Janet LaBelle

Janet LaBelle presents the video for “Don’t Take Me Back” from her new EP Suddenly. Out now via Wild Violet Records.

With starry eyes, a kind smile, and guitar slung over her shoulder, Janet LaBelle, at first glance, can appear as the archetype of a “green” New York City singer-songwriter. That assessment couldn’t be farther from the truth. LaBelle is a staple of the New York City scene, as a front woman, a touring multi-instrumentalist (most notably performing with Jimmy Destri of Blondie), and most importantly, a forward-thinking producer, rapidly turning song sketches into fleshed out nuanced works. With six releases to date (not including her various bands and side projects), LaBelle finds herself at a crossroads: writing her signature love songs, but this time, not writing about romantic love. On the title track of her new EP, for instance, LaBelle has set out on an exploration of the concept of falling in love with a state of mind. LaBelle admits that while she couldn’t shy away from the classic love song format that she loves (crooning in the manner of a 1970s pop ballad addressing a mysterious “you”), the lyrics reflect a quest to cultivate inner resources––an exercise in compassion, patience, and a healthy amount of blind faith. Suddenly was just released on LaBelle’s own Wild Violet Records.

Order Suddenly HERE


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