“I Don’t Mind” by We Are Wolves

We Are Wolves recently released their new video for “I Don’t Mind”, the track is off the current release Wrong, now available via Fantôme Records.

Through its dark music video, We Are Wolves’ I Don’t Mind is the soundtrack of this New Age occult, as imagined by Jérémie Saindon. Crystal meditation, water purification ritual, all these take place in this modern day occult, where members are secluded in a giant mansion. The leader, a tall and stern man, interpreted by Laurent Lucas, lives there with his four sons, played by the four Schneider brothers. This time around, there’s an even greater task at hand: healing their dying mother, portrayed by Hélène Reeves.

For the clip, We Are Wolves once again teams up with director Jérémie Saindon – their first collaboration took place close to a decade ago, with the music videos for “Coconut Night” and “Fight and Kiss”. From the very start, they’ve always pursued some mystical, occult-like quest, both musically and aesthetically. This time though, this esoteric study is pushed even further, through an intimate look into a sect facing life and death.

As Alex Ortiz, the band’s lead singer, puts it, “the music video for I Don’t Mind is the strange junction between the Bee Gees on acid and the sinister coldness of David Lynch”