“don’t go for the goats milk” by Packs

"don't go for the goats milk" by Packs is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is off their forthcoming EP Woah, out July 8th
"don't go for the goats milk" by Packs is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

2022 saw the release of Packs’ debut full-length Take The Cake via Fire Talk/Royal Mountain Records. The project of singer/songwriter Madeline Link, are sharing their first new music since the release of their debut album in the form of the new single “don’t go for the goats milk”, which arrives to announce a new stripped-down EP entitled WOAH that will be released on Fire Talk on July 8th.

Since the return of live shows Packs have been touring extensively for the first time, going on long runs in the US with Good Morning, Fire Talk label mates Wombo & Mamalarky. This new EP is composed of a collection of recordings Link made once she returned from the first of those runs.

“These songs began when I got back in November from our US tour with Wombo,” she explains. “I had lost my voice completely and it had a nice scratchiness to it as it was coming back. Someone suggested I record a whole album of songs while my voice was like that. father’s truck was first. It came from a fever dream I had in a dander-steeped basement in Boston.”

“Sometimes I like to start my day with a little cup of cold goat’s milk,” says Link. “This song began when my parents poured some of my goat’s milk into their morning coffee and wondered what that weird flavour was. Then of course it turned into a soggy, water-logged love song.”

Pre-order WOAH by Packs HERE


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