“I Don’t Believe In Mysteries” by AUDREYTINA


“I Don’t Believe In Mysteries” is a bright, melodic pop tune with cheeky to bittersweet lyrics and sweet, sing-along vocals from the multi-talented artist and L.A. native Audreytina.

Audreytina, AKA Audrey Ellis Fox, is not only a musician and singer-songwriter, but also an actress (Take a look at her long list of movie/TV credits at IMDB.com!) director, visual artist, and poet. As she states on her official site, Through snarky and danceable dark pop songs, she exposes human nature and pop culture for what it is, while playing with her own disparate identities. Part weird art girl, part disillusioned superstar, part existential poet, Audreytina is just trying to find herself in this maddening world.

Audreytina mixes modern beach-pop with 80s New Wave sounds on “I Don’t Believe In Mysteries”, while its entertaining video, directed by Audreytina, takes place at the California beach. She plays a Goth girl character, dressed all in black, who’s pining after a Surfer boy character who rides the waves. The video unfolds like a super-fun mini-film where the tagline would read: Pale Goth Girl hits the beach. Is Cute Surfer Dude love within reach?


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