Donovan Blanc Shares Single, LP out June 24

Donovan Blanc Shares Single, self-titled LP out 6/24 on Captured tracks. In anticipation of the release Donovan Blanc are sharing the single "Minha Menina",

The New Jersey duo of Joseph Fekete and Raymond Schwab have been making music together for quite some time, releasing nine EPs as Honeydrum, a self-proclaimed full-blown pop project. As this project came to a close, their sound slowly evolved from the blissful pop foundation, as richer vocal harmonies, more polished arrangements and bolder rhythmic momentum blossomed into Donovan Blanc.

In anticipation of their debut’s release, Donovan Blanc are sharing their first single “Minha Menina”, a melodic track, whose warms tones and spiraling guitars evoke both familiar moments and hopeful longing.

Joseph Black and Raymond Schwab spent the years of 2011-2013 as full-blown pop junkies in a group called Honeydrum. Seeking ephemeral moments of truth and self-relevance, the two spent day after day on the third floor of a brick building in a hole of a city in New Jersey, churning out what would become Honeydrum’s nine EPs. These releases stand as sonic manifestations of the two hook addicts’ pop addled brainwaves buried deep in blurry mires of fizz and fuzz.

Donovan Blanc Tracklisting
01. Girlfriend
02. Hungry a Long Time
03. Shy Boy
04. Without a Thing to Doubt
05. Is It Natural
06. Oh Donna
07. Veronica
08. Can’t Wait to Meet You
09. Minha Menina
10. When You Believed Me
11. That Summer Ago
12. Traci Won’t Wait

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