Doja Cat Debuts New Video

Doja Cat releases "Ain't Shit" Vevo Official with Live Performance; new series begins today via vevo and streaming services
Doja Cat releases "Ain't Shit"

Doja Cat’s Official Live Performance of “Ain’t Shit” from her new album Planet Her, out now via Kemosabe/RCA Records. Vevo’s Official Live Performances are the result of close creative collaboration with artists and their teams, resulting in a series of very special exclusive performances.

Doja Cat previously worked with Vevo, releasing exclusive performances of “Say So” and “Streets,” as well as a short film, “The Tale of Becoming Doja Cat.” For “Ain’t Shit,” Vevo and Doja wanted to build upon the themes on Planet Her: futurism, femininity and surrealism, all while showcasing her power and strength as a performer. Shot in the desert of California, “Ain’t Shit” sees Doja clad in all black atop a massive golden structure.