dodie Shares Details Of Build A Problem LP

dodie has shared the details of her forthcoming LP Build A Problem, due out on March 5, dodie has also shared the album track "Cool Girl."
dodie Build A Problem

dodie has shared the details of her forthcoming release Build A Problem, which will be released on March 5th 2021. Along with the news, dodie has shared the album track “Cool Girl.” The song reveals the vulnerability of a young woman communicating her story, hiding nothing. It was only natural for the visual representation of the track to be as carefully crafted, with dodie working closely alongside director Charlie Di Placido (Nines, Kojey Radical, JUNGLE) and choreographer Miranda Chambers. dodie is an ambassador for Depersonalization charity Unreal.

“Watching Charlie and Miranda bring an intricate feeling to life was incredibly satisfying and fun – they are a delightful and talented pair. We chose to develop an abstract piece of dance, (book ended by naturalism) to represent the inner but contained conflict of suppressing needs, and remaining “cool”. Miranda and I worked closely on reflecting the frustration and attempted composure of the lyrics in movement – and Charlie, of course, has the perfect eye and soul for group movement, flow and feeling. I hope we make something again! I miss it already!” says dodie.

“Build a problem” is a line from “Hate Myself”, one of many standout songs on the record. She found herself with a bit of a problem because she’d already named her previous EP, 2019’s top 5 Human, and the songs she found herself writing for the album really added up to the same idea; the flawed, emotionally erratic, wondrously complex conundrum that is being alive – and Human was taken. But this line seemed to add up to a similar concept; the moments and actions in life that build within us all problems that we don’t even realize we have until we look back and go, “Ohhhh, that’s where that came from.” dodie, whose past is still infiltrating her present and her future, explores all of this and more on her musically ambitious and dreamily intimate record named – what else? – Build A Problem.

She wrote most of the songs on the album over the past two years. “I think I was going through a crisis actually,” she says now. “I was very unsure of who I was and I was trying to figure it out in music. So I think it’s quite unstable of an album – but it’s definitely honest.”

“I’d like people to come away from this album knowing what I can do,” she says. A single listen to Build A Problem shows she has matured into an exceptional musician, using ancient modes, writing complex string arrangements and imbuing each song with a sense of charming intimacy.

Build A Problem

1. Air So Sweet
2. Hate Myself
3. I Kissed Someone (It Wasn’t You)
4. Cool Girl
5. Special Girl
6. Rainbow
7. ?
8. Four Tequilas Down
9. .
10. Sorry
11. When
12. Before The Line
13. Guiltless (Bonus Track)
14. Boys Like You (Bonus Track)

“Cool Girl” is available to stream and download now; Build A Problem is available to pre-order from today in CD, vinyl, deluxe CD, deluxe vinyl and cassette formats.