“Dirty & Stupid” Pink Mexico

Pink Mexico, has released a new video for the track “Dirty & Stupid” from the recently released album DUMP. The clip recently Premiered on BRGR TV and Burger IGTV, “Dirty & Stupid” was directed by musician Arvelisee Ruby, aka Lola Pistola, with Steven Ungureanu on camera and in the editing seat. About the shoot experience, Robert Collum, Pink Mexico’s founder, vox/multi-instrumentalist, said, “it was a lot of fun! I’m a terrible actor but who gives a shit?”

Collum calls “Dirty & Stupid” an anthem of torrid times, self-medication and self-sabotage. “Most of DUMP was written in a shitty little room with a shitty little window in a shitty apartment with a shitty attitude,” Collum says. “It was the perfect space mentally and physically to create most of DUMP.

DUMP is Pink Mexico’s third studio album. DUMP sees Pink Mexico as a fully formed band for the first time with the addition of Grady Walker (drums) and Ian Everall (bass) to the lineup with Collum. Recorded at Civil Defense in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, DUMP was engineered and mixed by Jeremy Scott (Vivian Girls and These Are Powers). The album is now available via Burger Records/Little Dickman Records.

Pink Mexico
Track Listing

1 – Thumbsucker
2 – High Dive
3 – Prescription Overdose (POD)
4 – Dirty & Stupid
5 – Sex Happiness
6 – Girlfriend
7 – WSLY
8 – Shit River
9 – Rattle Brain
10 – Fuckhead
11 – Liberty Kid
12 – Psycho Juice
13 – Heartfis