Dinosaur Bones Premieres “Sleepsick” Video

Dinosaur Bones Premieres their video for the single "Sleepsick". "Shaky Dream" from Dinosaur Bones is now available on Dine Alone records.

In the desperate landscape of the Nevada desert, a thieving son and car-jacking father chart a dusty and deserted path to the Vegas strip. Then Elvis shows up. Yesterday, one of Canada’s best indie-rock bands, Dinosaur Bones premiered their new video for Sleepsick. Directed by Liam MacRae, the complex, dark video closely mirrors the narrative the track, which is taken from the band’s August 2013 sophomore album, Shaky Dream (Dine Alone Records).

Shaky Dream was recorded in Texas with John Congleton (St. VincentThe WalkmenExplosions In The Sky) Of the record, Ben Fox said: “The idea was to make an album that treats each song as an individual and commits to that.  We were interested in the idea of pushing in multiple directions on one record. We didn’t want to just lock into one mode for forty minutes, with one palate of sounds and one mood to convey. We wanted to make an album where our songwriting instincts define our identity.”


1Dreamer’s Song

2. Spins in Circles

3. Sleepsick

4. Nothing Left Between the Lines

5. Go Free

6. Career Criminal

7. So Brand New

8. Don’t Decide

9. Pacifist In Camouflage

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