Destroyer Share New Single “Somnambulist Blues”

Destroyer featuring Sandro Perri Share New Single “Somnambulist Blues"
Destroyer featuring Sandro Perri Share New Single “Somnambulist Blues"

Mexican Summer’s Looking Glass is their series of music and apparel guided by the human condition as reflected through chance and destined encounters, announces its next chapter with “Somnambulist Blues,” a new single from Dan Bejar, aka Destroyer, featuring Sandro Perri.

Nw music from Destroyer single is always highly anticipated, and reliably provocative. Rooted in collaboration and creative admiration, “Somnambulist Blues” covers uncharted ground for Bejar and Perri, and exemplifies the exploratory, intersecting qualities of the Looking Glass series.

“I come back to Sandro’s music as something to sing to at the crossroads moments of my life in music,” notes Bejar. “There is something about the landscape Sandro lays out – it’s a world in which things become imminently singable. A lotta room to roam, and all of it good.” And Bejar and Perri really roam on “Somnambulist Blues,”

With future singles on the way from Fauzia, Frog of the Earth, Claire Rousay, and Helena Deland, and an updated identity by notable Brooklyn-based visual artist Sam Ryser, accompanied by an ambitious offering of apparel and activewear, the new season of Looking Glass promises to demonstrate discovery and diversity while resonating through all versions of reality.

Purchase “Somnablast Blues” by Destroyer and Sandro Perri HERE


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