Destroyer Debut Visual For “foolssong”

Destroyer debut new video for "foolssong."
Destroyer debut video for "Foolssong"

Dan Bejar and the Destroyer live band, have shared a video from from their North American tour. The footage is from last February in support of his current release Have We Met. Before, what was going to unfold over the next month would bring. The video was Shot on the road by directors David Galloway & David Ehrenreich, the music video for “foolssong” presents scenes from a caravan forced to accelerate as the world comes to a screeching halt.

Galloway & Ehrenreich on “foolssong”:

Snow Day. At this very peculiar time, the expression “Have We Met” deserves a question mark less than ever. We likely haven’t met anyone new since March, and the cadence of this statement is more of an absolute than an actual inquiry.

The tour got cancelled. We were making a film. Maybe we still are, it’s hard to tell, though. “foolssong” is what’s left of that for now.

“foolssong” is a lullaby, it’s the painted book cover of a sinister romantic novel, and it’s our second favourite song on the album.

Packing up mid-stride and pushing through North America to find solace in quarantine is a pretty foreign experience.

With any luck, these alien landscapes provide only a temporary snapshot of an unfamiliar world, a glimpse into a future that denotes self-separation, isolation, but on the bright side, maybe a little bit more wonder.

Hopefully this is a picture that does not dry.

Destroyer’s Have We Met is now available on CD and LP via the Merge store and finer retail establishments