Deradoorian Shares New Single “Corsican Shores”

Deradoorian Shares New Single "Corsican Shores." The track is off the singer/songwriter's forthcoming release ‘Find The Sun’ out September 18, via ANTI-
Deradoorian "Corsican Shores"

Deradoorian’s new single “is about a woman truly focusing on herself for the first time,” the singer/songwriter explains. “No relationship, no help, just unknown territory. A song about feeling more comfortable in my darkness than whatever joy could possibly be.” “Corsican Shores” is the fourth track Deradoorian has released from her upcoming album Find The Sun, coming out September 18 via ANTI-.

Inspired by the freedom of Can and the singing style of Damo Suzuki, as well as the influence of Indian spirituality on free jazz masters like Pharoah Sanders and Sun Ra, Deradoorian gravitates to transportive, shamanic sounds on Find the Sun, wielding bells, flutes, and gongs in service of a rock record guided by the spirits. Most of the songs were written with the drum parts first, using drone elements to ground the compositions and allow her the security to be able to take bigger risks.

“Overall, a lot of these songs are about trying to reach yourself – how to be your most brilliant self,” Deradoorian says. “…because we come from a culture that doesn’t actually support this. We are so deeply programmed to obey societal boundaries that we don’t even know the power we contain within.”

Find The Sun
Track Listing

1. Red Den
2. Corsican Shores
3. Saturnine Night
4. Monk’s Robes
5. The Illuminator
6. Waterlily
7. It Was Me
8. Devil’s Market
9. Mask of Yesterday
10. Sun