Dent May Shares Single From ‘Warm Blanket’

Dent may releases first single "Born To late" from forthcoming album "Warm Blanket"

Warm Blanket is the third album from Mississippi songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Dent May. Recorded in solitude in a reportedly haunted Victorian house by the bay in St. Augustine, Florida, the album arrives just barely a year after the release of his previous LP, Do Things.

Dent May’s Warm Blanket is another kaleidoscopic odyssey through the restless musical mind of a DIY pop auteur. He played almost all of the instruments on the album, making use of the house’s antique grand piano and recruiting Florida locals to fill in on horns, strings, and pedal steel guitar.

The result is an album of existential pop, psychedelic funk, and melancholy soul with soaring arrangements ripped from the pages of classic American songwriting. Lyrically, Dent investigates life’s timeless mysteries, touching on youth, mortality, alienation, and unrequited love with startling honesty and humor.


06/24 – Fargo, ND – The Aquarium

06/25 – Iowa City, IA – The Mill +

06/26 – Columbus, OH – Ace of Cups +

= w/ Dead Gaze


Warm Blanket Tracklist

(Paw Tracks)

Street Date: August 27, 2013

Formats: CD / LP / Digital    

1. Turn Up The Speakers

2. Let Them Talk

3. Born Too Late

4. Yazoo

5. Corner Piece

6. Do I Cross Your Mind?

7. It Takes A Long Time

8. I’m Ready To Be Old

9. Endlessly

10. Found A Friend

11. Summer Is Over

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