DEMS Share “Sense Of An Ending” Video

DEMS Share "Sense Of An Ending" Video, new LP 'Muscle Memory, coming out on November 3rd

Set for release on 3rd November via Sew In Love Records‘Muscle Memory’ is the debut LP from DEMS. The electronic trio from South London have spent the last year garnering a devoted fanbase. 

The band are a collective, indebted to the co-operative, multi-faceted creative unions of the past. From the shared space/studio/shoot location in Balham, South London to their insistence on creating their own identity through their artwork – they deploy a hands-on approach to their craft. “It’s been the creative hub for most things we do. We have shot lots of the music videos there, had choirs and string groups come over for recording sessions, put on intimate shows and recorded and produced the whole of ‘Muscle Memory’ from a beautiful iron and leather desk we found here.”

Vocally, Moss is reminiscent of James Blake, the dulcet South London croon juxtaposing seamlessly with the glitchy noise created by his bandmates. DEMS make unflinchingly beautiful progressive songs that will comfortably sit alongside such luminaries as The XX, Kindness or SOHN.

The band sum up the LP thusly “A good friend told us that the album carries ‘a hopeful darkness’ all the way through, which is a vindication of the vision we have been trying to achieve with Muscle Memory

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DEMS stream debut album, out next week via Sew In Love Records

DEMS stream debut album