Death Lens Stream New Album ‘No Luck’

Death Lens Stream New Album 'No Luck.' The SoCal band's new full-length is now also available via Secret Friends Music Group
Death Lens Stream New Album No Luck

SoCal band Death Lens, recently released their full-length No Luck on Secret Friends Music Group. No Luck is 14 tracks of Death Lens doing what they do best – pummeling audiences with fuzzed out SoCal style punk that hits hard enough for the moshers while being catchy enough for the pop-punk kids (and everyone in between). The songs blaze along at a breakneck pace, with precise playing from the band preventing it all from going off the rails. There is a palpable yet authentic aggression to the tracks, with lyrics that speak to the bands no nonsense approach to social and personal issues.

The band has this to say about their new album:

“No Luck was our chance to get out of our comfort zone as a band by allowing each of us to bring our own influences to the table with total comfort and acceptance. It was also our way of releasing anxiety and anger from being confined and feeling silenced during the pandemic – we used this album as a platform to voice our opinions on problems we’re facing on a societal level as a country”
Recorded and mixed by Jonny Bell at Jazzcats Studios in Long Beach, CA from April – July 2021, the bands new album will be their first release on Secret Friends Music Group. Through 14 tracks of straightforward punk rock, the band touches on themes of social and political awareness, mental health and personal relationships with a realistic but positive message to fans.

Death Lens
No Luck
Secret Friends Group

1. Defy
2. Abrupt
3. No Luck
5. Gone Boy
6. Not Impressed
7. Typical
8. Corridor
9. Slugger
10. S.T.F.T. (Intro)
11. Swing For The Fences
12. Slow Burner
13. Fear No Man
14. Afterwards

Death Lens is Bryan Torres (vocals), Jhon Reyes (guitar / vocals) Richy Diaz (drums), Ed Contreras (bass) and Matt Silva (guitar)

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