Dear Boy “Alluria”

Los Angeles based Dear Boy have released a new video for the latest release from their sophomore EP, entitled ‘Parts of a Flower’. The track is entitled ‘Alluria’ and is reminiscent of late 80’s new wave and 1990’s Americana.

About the video, Dear Boy’s Ben Grey says:
“We wanted the video to be a living rock photograph… Those 1960’s stills of rock & roll bands in their hotel rooms, where you fill in the blanks as to what they’re talking about. Those images really speak to you… you can taste their chemistry.”

About the song itself, he continued:
“While we were recording this song, I can’t remember who it was, but somebody in the control room said that it sounded like if The Cure had written “American Girl.” After that, we all kinda quietly decided that that was what we were going for the whole time. I wanted to classify a really specific feeling. There’s a special brand of displacement that only love does to you and it’s not always the healthiest thing. The word/name Alluria was just haunting me for weeks and I didn’t know what it meant until we started writing it.”

Be sure to check out Dear Boy’s new EP entitled ‘Parts of a Flower’ and catch them on tour.

Dear Boy Live:
Dec 12 Troubadour West Hollywood, CA