Dead Ghosts Announce New Album

Dead Ghosts announce album to be released on Burger records
Break ups and bummers. Right? We’ve all been there. And in the words of Dead Ghosts, “most of the songs on Can’t Get No are about break ups or bummers.” BUT, the band is quick to point out “the album is NOT a bummer.” Comprised of Bryan Nicol (Guitar, Vocals), Drew Wilkinson (Guitar), Mike Wilkinson (Drums) and Maurizio Chiumento (Bass), Vancouver’s Dead Ghosts directed their efforts toward self-sufficiency this time around. Opting not to record in a traditional studio, Dead Ghosts deposited their band fund into a Tascam 388 8-track purchased on Craigslist and lugged it around every corner of their hometown, setting up in bars, kitchens, and the basements of friends. The change in scenery and vagrant recording style lends a sense of transience to the new material. And as personal lives become heavy, maturity begins to creep in, too. But don’t worry; the songs of Can’t Get No still destroy.



 Tues. Feb. 19 – Münster, Germany @ Gleis 22

Wed. Feb. 20 – Eindhoven, Netherlands @ Area 51

Thurs. Feb. 21 – Bruxelles, Belgium @ Madame Moustache

Fri. Feb. 22 – Paris, France @ La Mécanique Ondulatoire

Sat. Feb. 23 – La Rochelle, France @ La Barbarella Club

Sun. Feb. 24 – Rennes, France @ Sympatic Bar

Mon. Feb. 25 – Bordeaux, France @ Café Pompier

Tues. Feb. 26 – San Sebastian, Spain @ Bukowsky

Wed. Feb. 27 – Madrid, Spain @ Costello Club

Thurs. Feb. 28 – Barcelona, Spain @ Sidecare

Fri. Mar. 1 – Sant Feliú de Guixols, Spain @ TZVR

Sat. Mar. 2 – Marseille, France @ La Machine à Coudre

Sun. Mar. 3 – Luzern, Switzerland @ Club Sedel

Mon. Mar. 4 – Kreuzlingen, Switzerland @ Horst

Tues. Mar. 5 – Antwerp, Belgium @ Trix

Wed. Mar. 6 – Hamburg, Germany @ Komet

Thurs. Mar. 7 – Copenhagen, Denmark @ Drone

Fri. Mar. 8 – Stockholm, Sweden @ Southside

Sat. Mar. 9 – Göteborg, Sweden @ Showdown Henriksberg

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