Dead Dawn Share New Video

Los Angeles Misfits DEAD DAWN premiere their new video for the single "want your skulls" from their forthcoming LP

Los Angeles Misfits DEAD DAWN “want your skulls” between Echo Park and a dark Hollywood alleyway with Danzig awaiting underneath flickering strip club lights. Dead Dawn harness the kind of charisma capable of prompting a resurge of LA’s 80’s punk scene revival bands like X and 45 Grave spearheaded. The quartet do one thing and one thing with such authenticity they could easily garner cult status if they hang around long enough; they commit. China Morbosa’s lush Cat Power-esque drawl merged with Danzig howl juxtapose in complete harmony over Abilene Fawn’s metal drone guitar riffs. Not quite punk, not quite metal and not quite definable allows Dead Dawn the “golden ticket” into music snob and punk rock elitist’s circle of LA’s hidden gem buried in a pile of garage rock supremacy.

DEAD DAWN are to release their upcoming LP on LOOSE MUSIC/ MANIMAL GROUP November 2014.

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