DC Gore Debuts New Video For “Sisyphus”

DC Gore debuts new single "Sisyphus." The track is off their forthcoming release All These Things out July 29 vis Double Six Records
DC Gore debuts new single "Sisyphus"

Following the announcement that his debut album All These Things will be released on July 29 via Double Six, today DC Gore releases his new single, “Sisyphus.”

“’Sisyphus’ is a song about giving up on trying to pretend you know what the hell is going on or what you’re supposed to do,” Gore comments. “It feels like because we have access to the internet, now everyone has to have an opinion on everything all of the time and yet the complexity of the world we live in makes that impossible. I suppose the question the song asks is – after clumsily struggling through your life would it be possible to give in and actually enjoy it?”

Following the dissolution of south London trio Little Cub, Gore has remodelled and reimagined the band’s electronic synth-pop within his solo work to incorporate additional acoustic instrumentation which makes for a more textured and temperate sound. “All These Things is a bookend to a torrid period in my life,” Gore comments. “There are so many themes in there of failure and frustration (personal and political), shame and longing, but in the end, there is a hope to it. All these things that feel so all-consuming at the time become quotidian in the wake of a global pandemic.”

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