Daytona Debut Album Coming Out Next Week

'Daytona' Debut Album Out Next Week on Ernest Jenning Recording Company.

Ernest Jenning Record Co. is thrilled to announce the debut self-titled full length from Daytona . The album is out next Tuesday, November 19. The self-titled album was recorded in North Carolina by Ari Picker (Lost In the Trees) and mixed by Matt Boynton (MGMT, Hospitality) at Vacation Island in Brooklyn, NY. “While the results are pleasantly poppy, it also comes with the weight of pain and confusion that always intermingles with life’s happier moments,” Daytona will play an album release show on Saturday, November 16 at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn, featuring Tony Castles, Darlings, and Candide.

The New York based trio features Hunter Simpson (guitar and vocals), Christopher Lauderdale (drums and vocals) and Jose Boyer (bass and vocals). After playing in bands together in Chapel Hill, NC, they came together after relocating to NYC in 2011 and released a debut EP Storm So Long in 2012. Simpson is also a member of Wild Yaks, and Boyer was formerly in Harlem.

As Daytona, the members reach out in some new directions, with looping finger-picked guitars setting a groundwork for sprawling harmonies over hypnotic beats. They draw inspiration from a wide range of American folk music, classic rock, and African & Caribbean sounds and rhythms, but the final result is a refined hook driven style of pop music complemented by smart lyrics and positive musical passages.


Daytona tracklist:

1. The Road

2. New Foundation

3. Honey

4. Lighthouse

5. Ought To Be A Law

6. Maria

7. Old Friend

8. Metropolitan

9. Raincoat

10. Oregon

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