DARKSIDE releases ‘Psychic Live’

DARKSIDE releases live concert film 'Psychic Live.' The film features seven unique takes on tracks from their 'Psychic' album.

DARKSIDE, is guitarist Dave Harrington and electronic producer Nicolas Jaar. Today, they have released the concert film titled Psychic Live, on Matador Records (physical DVD). Presented by La Blogothèque Télénantes and in association with ARTE France, DARKSIDE’s Psychic Live was filmed at Stereolux – Nantes, France on March 21st, 2014. The film features seven unique takes on tracks from their Psychic album. The live audio was mastered by Joe Lambert and distribution of the 114 minute film is limited to 1,000 copies worldwide.

Following the 2014 announcement of the band’s hiatus, they performed a final Brooklyn show, where “DARKSIDE brought its arresting music to life one last time,” Fans who missed this final performance can now experience the visionary songs found in Psychic’s primal hybrid of electronic music and psychedelic rock in their own living rooms.

DARKSIDE’s Psychic is a special moment for the due of Harrington and Jaar, a move in a new direction from their 3-song debut, 2011’s DARKSIDE EP (Clown & Sunset). At any given moment, Psychic encompasses the ritualistic structures and methodologies of krautrock, the cosmic exploration of classic space-rock, and the immersive, body-moving transcendence of 21st century house and techno—but, working with the finishing- each-others’-sentences fluidity of kindred spirits, Dave and Nico synthesize it all into a living, breathing whole.

DARKSIDE aren’t dancefloor producers taking a stab at rock music; nor are they a rock band paying homage to their new favorite techno 12-inches. They’re deep listeners and creators of both who see little need for distinction between their favorite sounds.

DVD Track Listing:

1. Freak, Go Home
2. Paper Trails
3. The Only Shine I’ve Seen
4. Heart
5. Metatron
6. Greek Light
7. Golden Arrow


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