Darkness Falls debut video for “Night Games”

Copenhagen's Darkness Falls debuts their new video for "Night Games," share Kasper Bjorke remix.

Darkness Falls is Josephine Philip (vocals and keyboard) and Ina Lindgreen (bass & guitar). The Danish duo recently released their second full-length album Dance and Cry, out now on hfn music.

“Night Games” is the band’s newest single from Dance and Cry. The video for “Night Games”, directed by Sara Laub & Kamilla Bruus, captures that contrast of light and dark that Darkness Falls share on the album.

The single “Night Games” has also received a series of reworks and remixes, including one from compatriot and label-mate Kasper Bjørke, the duo recently debuted the track and is now streaming. “Night Games” already invokes a sensual energy, but as is his wont, Bjørke slows it down and drugs it up into a heady rework. His remix meditates on the track’s circling guitar motif, blurring the layers until they become hypnotic.


Darkness Falls
Dance and Cry
Out now on hfn music

01. Night Games
02. The Answer
03. Liar’s Kiss
04. Dance And Cry
05. Golden Bells
06. Darkness Falls
07. Paradise Trilogy I
08. Hazy
09. My Father Told Me (He Was Wrong)
10. Midsummer Wail
11. Thunder Roads

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