Dark Entries Releasing New Tracks

Dark Entries Announces "Spacer Woman" And "Dance Therapy" 12"'s, Out November 4th

With the release of its Bay Area Retrograde (BART) compilation just around the corner (October 15th), Dark Entries has announced its first set of November releases and the latest additions to its Dark Entries Editions series: “Spacer Woman” by Charlie and “Dancing Therapy” by International Music System. In 1983 Maurizio Cavalieri, aka Charlie, recruited his friend Giorgio Stefani to help write and compose lyrics for the track “Spacer Woman” and thusly released it on his own Mr. Disc Organization. That same year, the duo created International Music System (I.M.S.), under which they would release two albums. “Dancing Therapy” was released as a 12″ single in 1984 on Mr. Disc Records, with the B-side “Love Games”, featuring Stefani on vocals.

As always, all the tracks have been remastered by George Horn at Fantasy studios in Berkley.
“Spacer Woman”

A. Spacer Woman
B. Spacer Woman (Instrumental)

The next 12″ in Dark Entries Editions is the Italo Disco dance classic “Spacer Woman” by Charlie. Formed in 1983 as an experiment to break the mold of the classic disco dance sound, Charlie was the vehicle for musician and producer Maurizio Cavalieri who had found fame with Italian disco group Firefly. Cavalieri had been listening to the new crop of UK Synthpop and New Wave like Depeche Mode and Heaven 17 and wanted to create a more electronic, futuristic sound. He recruited his friend Giorgio Stefani to help write the song and compose lyrics. “Spacer Woman” was recorded in Vicenza, Italy and released by Cavalieri’s own Mr. Disc Organization in 1983. The track features the signature Italo Linn Drum machine as well as the Roland TR-808 and a Yamaha DX7 for the arpeggiated synthesizer melody. “Spacer Woman” spans over seven-minutes and features the spaced-out vocals of Stefani’s wife, who sings through a vocoder. The single has become a cult revival track since its appearance on the legendary I-f mix CD ”Mixed Up In The Hague” in 2001. This reissue also features the sought after instrumental mix where the sharp synthesized bassline really comes to the forefront.

International Music System
“Dancing Therapy”

A. Dancing Therapy
B. Love Games

Dark Entries Editions is honored to celebrate the 30th anniversary “Dancing Therapy” by International Music System, often abbreviated as I.M.S. In 1983 Maurizio Cavalieri and Giorgio Stefani, the same musicians who brought you “Spacer Woman” by Charlie, created International Music System in Vicenza, Italy. Under this moniker, the two would release a pair of albums of stylized and syncopated electronic dance songs showcasing the still-evolving advancement of computer and keyboard-generated music. “Dancing Therapy” was released as a 12” single in 1984 on the Cavalieri’s own Mr Disc Records. It utilized the Roland TR-808, Yamaha DX7 and Linn Drum as the main percussion. Giorgio would hit the two sides of a metal triangle with a drum stick, creating the high pitched tone break throughout the song. Guest vocalist Rebecca McLain, an American ballet dancer, sings about getting lost in music as a means to escape from your troubles. The single anticipated the beats and sounds of Freestyle music as well as influencing the early House scene due to radio airplay on Chicago’s WBMX. On the B-side is “Love Games”, an electro dance song with breakbeats in the vein of Afrika Bambaataa that features Giorgio on vocals.

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