Dark Entries Anniversary Tour Begins Tonight

Dark Entries 5th Anniversary Tour Begins Tonight, Announces Opera Multi Steel Re-issue

Today marks the start of Dark Entries 5th Anniversary Tour. Featuring REDREDRED (whose debut album is out now on DE) Bezier, Max+Mara and label founder Josh Cheon, kicks off at Chicago’s Empty Bottle, with stops in Detroit, Pittsburgh, Phildalpehia and New York. All Dates are below.
Dark Entries Tour

Friday July 25 – Chicago – Empty Bottle

Saturday July 26 – Detroit – Macho City

Sunday July 27 – Pittsburgh – Brillobox

Monday July 28 – Philadelphia – Bourbon & Branch

Tuesday July 29 – Manhattan – Beats In Space

Wednesday July 30 – Manhattan – Nothing Changes

Friday August 1 – Brooklyn – Baby’s All Right

The label has also announced the release of Opera Multi Steel’s debut EP, originally released in 1984 on the Bourges trio’s own label Orcadia Machina.

Opera Multi Steel EP

Fêtes Komité
Jardin Botanique

Opera Multi Steel was born during the winter of 1983 in Bourges, a city in the center of France. The band started off as a trio with Franck Lopez (Vocals, Keyboards,Recorder, Guitars), his brother Patrick L. Robin (Vocals, Percussion) and Catherine M. Marie (Keyboards, Vocals). They began to record demos utilizing a Elex Keyboard, Casio VL-Tone, Roland TR-606 drum machine, guitars and bass pedals. Layering organ-like keyboards over drum machine snares and a woodwind recorder, they created a unique style of Medieval or Baroque synth pop. The result was a 4-song debut, eponymous EP, released in 1984 on their own label Orcadia Machina. The songs range from fast and bright, New Wave influenced by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark’s “Electricity” and slower, brooding Darkwave ballads like “17 Seconds” “Faith” era Cure. All songs were sung in French with lyrics about feeling of nihilism, disgust with life and escaping to a botanical garden in search of redemption. It was a pre-cursor to their darker and classic French coldwave sounds of their debut album “Cathédrale” released the following year.

All songs have been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. The jacket is die-cut replica of the original sleeve using master templates the band created in 1984 and offset printed on heavy French off-white card stock. Each copy includes an inner sleeve printed with lyrics and perspective line drawings by Jean Vredeman de Vries from the 17th century.

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