Daniel Woolhouse shares new track

Daniel Woolhouse (FKA Deptford Goth) shares new track "Map of the Moon"

Today Daniel Woolhouse, who previously recorded under the name Deptford Goth, returns with brand new track “Map Of The Moon”. Woolhouse will release a new album later this year via 37 Adventures.

“When I started the album, I realized I was approaching writing in a slightly different way, as if I was producing a group, or I was a band,” Woolhouse explains. “So I pictured people in their places, and what everyone needed to bring to the song, which opened me up to recording with a new energy and an extra sense of freedom. By embarking on something new, I decided to separate it from the Deptford Goth albums.”

“The song is a contemplation that meanders and repeats a little”, says Woolhouse. “There are interruptions and distractions. I wrote it from the position of trying to find a steady train of thought and to get out of a pattern of behaviour and thinking that doesn’t do any good.”