“Dance With Me” by Leagues

"Dance With Me" by Leagues, is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day.'

Leagues have announced the September 9th release of their album Alone Together via Dualtone, the band’s first album for the label and the follow up to 2013’s You Belong Here. The band has just released the second single “Dance With Me.”

Nashville-based Leagues is comprised of lead vocalist and songwriter Thad Cockrell and producer/programmer/drummer Jeremy Lutito. The duo first released their self-titled EP in 2012, followed by their debut album You Belong Here the following year.

“Dance With Me” and the 10 additional tracks on Alone Together once again highlight Leagues’ passion for creating their own particular brand of dance pop. Leagues first set about making what is now Alone Together not long after You Belong Here was out in the world. They completed the album in late 2014 but with a sinking feeling that it wasn’t the right one. “It’s hard to see when you’re in the middle of that process,” says Cockrell, “but I think we both had this growing feeling that we weren’t saying everything we wanted to say and weren’t pushing each musically to do all we could do. So we had to wipe the slate clean and start over.”

The simultaneous weight and lift of the songs is well exemplified by the album’s title. Notes Cockrell. “No matter how well you know someone, your best friend, your lover, whoever; at the end of the day deep down inside you’re still alone. To me, the beautiful mystery is that a song can reach that place. Whether listening alone or even better at a show, a song can connect us in that deeply individual place. That’s the goal of Leagues.”