Dan Boeckner: Operators and Wolf Parade

Dan Boeckner from Operators and Wolf Parade shares his five favourite albums with us

You would think that Boeckner would have his hands full getting ready to reunite Wolf Parade for the first time since 2011, but instead he’s raised the stakes and released the first Operators album on April 1st. Formed in 2013, the band features Boeckner on vocals, guitar, and synths and is joined by electro-wiz Devojka, and New Bomb Turks and Divine Fits drummer Sam Brown. Although the album title Blue Wave might conjure up a wave of sadness, the album is a fast-paced energetic affair that will have you dancing all through summer. We reached Dan Boeckner in Chicago a few days before the album release, as part of our interview, he shared his favourite five albums with us. Some of his picks include, albums by The Clash and Fleetwood Mac.


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