Dam Gila’s ‘Face the Sun’ EP out today

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Adam Gil, frontman of Chicago-based band YAWN, releases his new Face the Sun EP today. His second solo release under the moniker Dam Gila, it features sunny psych-pop made up of bright guitar tones and plenty of catchy melodies. The EP is streaming in full via Spotify, and you can watch the recently-released video for “The Undertow” here. Face the Sun is also available now on iTunes.

Face the Sun comes as a follow up to 2014’s So Long, Leisure, and once again sounds like the work of a full band, with lush layers of instrumentation and intertwined vocal harmonies. Throughout its seven tracks, catchy pop hooks are tangled in a web of dreamy, swirling guitars and propelled forward by bright percussion. The EP’s lyrics are lovelorn and dejected at times, but they’re delivered with a heavy dose of optimism.

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Face the Sun Track List:
1. What Fire
2. Slow Burn
3. Undertow
4. Interlude
5. Love Is a Game
6. Afterglow
7. Face the Sun


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