“Daisy” by KalleFORnia SurferBOY

The story is an interesting one, and inspiring. KalleFORnia SurferBOY moved to Los Angeles in 2014 with his twin brother Kingsley to make movies with no real intentions of playing music. In 2017 he overdosed on edibles, which ended up being a near death experience. It caused the artist intense anxiety, an intense fear of death, and changed his worldview. In October 2018, after almost a year of living in fear and inside his head, he came to grips with death, and decided to do everything that he always wanted to do and ordered a ukulele the next day.

From KalleFORnia SurferBOY:

“The song and video for Daisy came about in October of 2021. My twin brother who I make movies with directed it. All I wanted was to wear the red sweater and he did all of the rest. We shot it in slow motion so it was actually a pretty cool process. We sped up the song so I was only acting for one minute each take. The whole process seemed liked “Less Work” because of that but we really loved the way it turned out”.


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